How much is a startup video?

Online video is the best way to tell customers about your startup, website, app or business, in under 2 minutes

BCN Startup Video: How Much Does A Startup Video Cost?
Internet Retailer quoted that web visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. That’s an impressive statistic. And reason enough, why startups and businesses now give online videos the same priority they gave to setting up their website.

BCN Startup Video: How Much Does A Startup Video Cost?

One question we always get asked is ‘How much does a video cost?’

Good question, but depending on the type of video being produced, it’s a different answer everytime.

You want a fast action startup video with 20 actors running down the street, being chased by a fleet of cars and filmed with our cameramen hanging out of helicopters? Ok, when do we start?!

So long as you understand a video like this will cost more than a basic video shoot at your office, you’re all good.

We thought it would be useful to explain how the video production process works, and how different aspects of video production can affect the overall cost of producing startup video. So here goes..

The cost of video production depends on these main factors:

  1. Video concept planning
  2. How many production team members are needed? Director / Cameramen / Producer / Sound engineer /Drivers / Actors
  3. How much equipment? Cameras / Lighting / Audio / Tripods / Stabilizers / Rigs and more
  4. Logistics for the shoot, including locations, transport and actors
  5. How long for post production? A one minute web video can take weeks for editing, colour grading, motion graphics and animation, sound engineering, rendering, uploading, and final revisions. Did we mention rendering?!

How much does a startup video cost?

Making videos takes a lot of people, equipment and time

Many people are surprised when they find out how many people are involved with a video shoot; how much time goes into the planning and post production for a 1 – 2 minute startup video; and the overall cost for this work.

Startups with financial backing want to invest in more advanced startup videos, whilst new self funded startups are looking for leaner startup video options.

Knowing what budget you have, will affect how many actors we can hire; what equipment can be used; how many locations; how many weeks for post production; and how many helicopters to hire for those crucial action shots. Well, maybe not the helicopters..

How much does a startup video cost?

The 10 stage process for making videos:

  • Stage 1: Fully research the startup, business, app or website (Week 1)
  • Stage 2: Create a unique video concept and write the perfect script (Week 1)
  • Stage 3: Post production planning (Week 2)
  • Stage 4: Locations research / Equipment check / Logistics planning
  • Stage 5: Actors research (Week 2)
  • Stage 6: The video shoot! (Week 3)
  • Stage 7: Post production – Editing / Colour grading / Motion graphics & animation / Rendering (Weeks 3-6)
  • Stage 8: Sound engineering (Week 6)
  • Stage 9: Video to the client (Week 6)
  • Stage 10: Final revisions and delivery of final video (Week 6-7)

How Much Does A Startup Video Cost?

We’ve posted some photos from our video shoots on this page, so you can see how we work.

Whether you’re a new startup working from home, or an incubated startup with the venture capital backing, we’d love to work with you.

If you need a video for your startup, business, app or website, please contact us here..

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