How to advertise on YouTube with video ads

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How to advertise on YouTube with video ads - BCN Startup Video

YouTube is numero uno for sharing and watching videos online. And not just videos of guilty dogsfunny cats or drunken monkeys..

YouTube has a massive daily audience with over 1 billion views per dayMany brands and businesses are now reaching out to their customers with YouTube video adverts, as a digital and much cheaper alternative to traditional TV advertising.

Why are YouTube video ads, different to traditional TV advertising?

Watching video adverts played at the start of YouTube videos, is different to watching traditional TV adverts on your TV at home. You’ll be online and most likely annoyed at the interruption. You just want to watch a YouTube video, not an advert.

Whenever people are online, they tend to be more impatient to access content, than when offline reading a magazine or relaxing on the sofa in front of their TV.

YouTube plays most video adverts for 5 seconds before viewers can click ‘Skip Ad’ and proceed to their chosen video. It’s the video producers challenge to create something so amazing, the viewer has to watch the full video advert.

As with traditional TV advertising, most people would rather keep watching their programme or film than be interrupted to watch a chain of adverts. However, some adverts are so good they’ve made it into popular culture because they’re so clever and because of their humour..

The best video adverts are funny, not serious. The best video adverts take a risk with humour, they don’t play it safe.

There’s a ton of good reasons why you should create a YouTube video advert, but you also need to think about how to create an effective YouTube video advert.

If you accept that most people will only watch the first 5 seconds until they can click ‘Skip Ad’ and watch their chosen video; you need to make sure those first 5 seconds count.

What type of video ads can I display on YouTube?

1. “Before videos” These play at the start of a viewers chosen video:

YouTube adverts - Before videos - These play at the start of a viewers chosen video

2. “Beside videos” These are shown at the right hand side of the viewers video:

YouTube adverts - Beside videos - Shown at the right hand side of the viewers video

3. “In search results videos” These are shown at the top of YouTube search results:

YouTube Adverts - In search results videos - Shown at the top of YouTube search results

How much does it cost to advertise with video ads on YouTube?

The good news is that YouTube only charges you a fee, when someone chooses to watch your video advert in full. That means, you only spend your advertising budget on the customers who want to find out more about your business.

When setting up your YouTube video advert campaign, you get to choose your daily budget and a maximum cost-per-click for every time someone clicks on your video. Advice on how to choose your daily budget is available here.

Google’s Video Campaign manager:

“Your daily budget is the average amount that you’re comfortable spending each day on this campaign. 

Why it matters: Once you meet your average daily budget, your ads may stop showing. Traffic fluctuates, so you may spend up to 20% more than your daily budget on a given day. “

Watch how GoPro have used YouTube video advertising with success:

How to advertise on YouTube with video ads - BCN Startup Video

More technical information from YouTube:

Want to explore how a YouTube video advert can help grow your business? We’d love to hear from you..

How to advertise on YouTube with video ads - BCN Startup Video

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